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Information Technology (UG)

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About Us

In the modern era, the world is moving towards efficient improvements and productivity using technology. As more and more jobs are being automated, IT department is at par with the changes going around in the world and helps students to gain a strong foothold in the ever-growing modern world. Having the foresight to consider the growth of technology, back in 1999 D.J. Sanghvi college of engineering introduced a new discipline of Information Technology. This program is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) till A.Y. 2022- 2023 (i.e., till 30th June 2023). In other words, IT deals with the use of computers and software to provide a new tangent all together in the technology, to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information, securely. To keep pace with the current technological trends and to sharpen their skills, faculty development workshops are carried out regularly. During this four-year program, the emphasis is on the technology itself more than on the information it conveys. A highly skilled, dynamic, and technologically sound faculty endows the IT department. IT students have striven hard to achieve many awards and laurels for the college and many of the alumnus work for big MNCs. The IT department boasts of having two student committees, namely DJ-CSI and INIT-AI. These committees aim to not only give students opportunities to advance academically but also to hone their overall skills. DJCSI bagged the award of the best CSI chapter in India for the academic year 2017-19.

Key Points

4 Years
Year of establishment
Accredited By National Board of Accreditation

Why Choose Us?

Students at our department are always encouraged to participate in research projects and research assignments not only under the competent faculty in the department but also with renowned organizations outside e.g., CDAC, IIT-Bombay etc. Students at our department are also motivated to contribute their research publications in renowned journal and conferences. Students also get a chance to not only participate in the coding competitions and hackathons but they are also actively involved in organizing such prestigious events as well. Through all these activities, students get a good exposure to earn strong technical and non-technical skills that help them to build their impressive profile for their candidature application at foreign universities and other PG programs. Competent faculty in the department provides every possible assistance to students in their academic and research work for this process. Strong recommendation from the faculty have always played a vital role in students grabbing the best and their ambitious admits for higher studies opportunities at the prestigious universities.

  • Build Technological Foundation
  • Wholesome Development
  • To get Practical Exposure
  • Blend of Academics
  • Good Research Projects
  • Global Environment
  • Impact on The Society
  • Innovative Ideas and Learning
  • Soft and Professional Skills Development


Second Year

Semester III Semester IV
Discrete Structures Probability and Statistics
Data Structures and Algorithms Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Database Management System Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Logic Design and Computer Architecture Computer Networks
Operating System Python Programming Laboratory
Java and Advanced Java Programming Laboratory 
Universal Human Values
Innovative Product Development I (Audit)
Innovative Product Development II (Audit)
Constitution of India (Audit) Environmental Studies (Audit)
Web Programming Laboratory  

Third Year (DJS22)

Semester V Semester VI
Cryptography and Network Security
Software Engineering
Advanced Data Structures Machine Learning
Data Warehousing and Mining Image Processing and Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence Full Stack Web Development Laboratory
Professional and Business Communication Infrastructure Security(Dept. Elective)
Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems (Dept. Elective) Internet of Things (Dept. Elective)
Human Computer Interaction (Dept. Elective) ARVR (Dept. Elective)
Statistical Analysis (Dept. Elective) Big Data Analysis (Dept. Elective)
Innovative Product Development III (Credit) Information Systems and IT Governance (Dept. Elective)
Environmental Studies (Audit)
Innovative Product Development IV (Credit)

Fourth Year (DJ19)

Semester VII Semester VIII
Service Oriented Architecture Semantic Web Technology
Design Thinking Design Patterns
Blockchain Technology (Dept. Elective) Industrial Internet of Things (Dept. Elective)
Machine Learning (Dept. Elective) Game Design & Gamification (Dept. Elective)
Wireless Sensor Network (Dept. Elective) Predictive Analytics (Dept. Elective)
AR/VR (Dept. Elective) Advanced Machine Learning (Dept. Elective)
Business Analytics (Dept. Elective) Advanced Security (Dept. Elective)
Institute Level Optional Courses- I Quantum Computing (Dept. Elective)
Project Stage- I Institute Level Optional Courses- II
Project Stage- II