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DJCSI stands for Computer Society of India affiliated to Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. Introduced in 2013, DJCSI has been instrumental in organizing innovative technical events for students both in and outside DJ. CodeShastra, DJCSI's brainchild, was Mumbai's first ever 24-hr hackathon which has enjoyed monumental success year after year, and continues to be an event of prestige and great repute. We have been broadening our horizons and have been upping the ante every year, so much so that DJCSI earned the award of the best CSI chapter amongst all the student chapters in India for the year 2018-19. Our technical team also came up with an app to be used by all event participants and members alike. With their annual events and publications, DJCSI is constantly exploring, motivating and contributing in creating a technology advanced future.

Annual Reports of DJ-CSI


DJ Codestars is a programming committee of the college started in 2016 that fosters learning and friendly competition. It was created as a platform to help programmers make it big in the world of data structures, mathematics, algorithms, computer programming and programming contests. The committee believes in the mantra that the expert in everything was once a beginner and hence our objective as a team is to teach and strengthen the basic concepts of all students. Through the weekly lectures, doubt sessions, coding contests and hackathons, the committee strives to help the students ace their placements in major companies like Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan etc. To keep the students in touch with the latest technology and breakthroughs in science, they also have an active social network on various platforms. With the help of an experienced mentor group, the committee aims to guide the students towards a glowing future.

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Annual Reports of Codestars

DJINIT.AI is a student chapter of the Information Technology Department at Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering. It was founded in 2017 with a mission to educate, inspire and help the students to explore the field of Artificial Intelligence. This club aims to educate AI enthusiast about the terms and concepts related to various sub-fields of AI with a motivation of increasing awareness about past, current and potential future research directions. Our purpose is to facilitate discussion, learning, and interest in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as to serve as a breeding ground for ideas to solve real-world problems. In, we are committed to make AI more accessible by holding weekly lectures, research talks and producing blog articles that cover information from ML algorithms, computer vision, NLP and other general AI related topics. The focus is to equip students with the ability and skills to analyze, design and develop computer systems using AI techniques to change the world. Beyond our weekly lectures, we give people the resources to do research in various sub-fields of AI along with bringing in real-world industrial projects and internship opportunities for our team members.

Annual Reports of DJINIT.AI



Google Developer Student Club , powered by Google Developers, is a community group at DJSCE that aims to rejuvenate the minds in tech.  It provides opportunities where developers, designers and managers work together to carry out real-time projects. Google collaborates with university students who are passionate about growing developer communities. GDSC is one of the communities of Google where they provide resources to empower students and developers to learn about a wide range of technologies and apply their new learnings to build viable solutions for real-world problems. GDSC DJSCE also organizes events and workshops for the Developer Community in collaboration with Google Student Developer Clubs.Students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community. GDSC opens doors to a wide range of domains like Web development, App development, Cyber Security, Designing and much more. The aim of GDSC DJSCE is to foster the ability of giving back to the society with the help of technology. The motive is to create an ideal environment for learners in and around the campus.
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