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Electronics and Telecommunication Engg (UG)

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About Us

Dwarkadas. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering started the course in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (EXTC), in 1999 with the intake of 30. In the subsequent year, it was increased to 60. In the year 2010, it was increased to 120.Since then the intake at the undergraduate level is 120. Department is running M.Tech. Program in Electronics & telecommunication since 2011, with the intake of 18 students. Affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Ph.D. Research centre of the Department, started from Academic year 2015–16. This program is accredited by National Board of Accreditation with effect from the Academic Year 2012-13. Since Academic Year 2022-23 department intake has increased to 180.

Key Points

4 Years
Year of establishment
B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
This program is accredited by National Board of Accreditation with effect from the Academic Year 2012-13

Why Choose Us?

Electronics and Telecommunications (EXTC) Engineering involves research, designing, developing, and testing of electronic equipment used in various communication systems. The EXTC Engineering a backbone of modern communication system that rules rocket science to telecommunication everything. Electronics and Communications engineers also conceptualize and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems.

The branch deals with Basic Electronics, Solid state devices, Microprocessors/Microcontrollers, Analog/Digital communication, Analog Integrated circuits, Antenna and Wave Propagation, Microwave engineering, Satellite communication, Mobile communication and also includes advanced courses like 5G, IoT and Industrial automation. Looking into recent trends subjects and overall learning requisites the multidisciplinary environment, the EXTC curriculum is further strengthened by adding subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Big Data Analytics.

Over the years, communication and electronics have crept in our lives like never before. This change in the technological field has ensured a bright path ahead for EXTC pursuers. With smartphones in hand and widespread opportunities to communicate, electronics and communication engineering is the next best thing to rule the global market.


Semester III Semester IV
Engineering Mathematics – III Engineering Mathematics – IV
Engineering Mathematics – III Tutorial Engineering Mathematics – IV Tutorial
Electronics Circuit Design Integrated Circuits
Electronics Circuit Design Laboratory Integrated CircuitsLaboratory
Digital System Design Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Digital System Design Laboratory Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Laboratory
Signals & Systems Microcontroller & Applications-I
Signals & Systems Laboratory Microcontroller & Applications-I
Electrical Networks Analysis & Synthesis Laboratory Data Analytics Laboratory
Python Programming Laboratory Database Management System Laboratory
Universal Human Values Constitution of India
Universal Human Values Tutorial Innovative Product Development-II
Innovative Product Development-I
Semester V Semester VI
Analog Communication Digital Communication
Analog Communication Laboratory Digital Communication Laboratory
Radio Frequency Circuit Design Radiating Systems
Radio Frequency Circuit Design Laboratory Radiating Systems Laboratory
Microcontroller & Applications-II Computer Networks
Microcontroller & Applications-II Laboratory Computer Networks Laboratory
Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing Laboratory
Data Structures & Algorithms Department Level Elective:
Data Structures & Algorithms Laboratory Basic VLSI
Environmental Engineering Basic VLSI Laboratory
Innovative Product Development-III Control Systems
Control Systems Laboratory
Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic
Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Laboratory
Operating Systems
Operating Systems Laboratory
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics Laboratory
Radar Engineering
Radar Engineering Laboratory
Linear Algebra
Linear Algebra Laboratory
Professional & Business Communication Laboratory
Innovative Product Development-IV
Semester VII Semester VIII
Microwave Engineering Optical Communication
Microwave Engineering Laboratory Optical Communication Laboratory
Mobile Communication System Wireless Network
Mobile Communication System Laboratory Wireless Network Laboratory
Internet of Things Department Level Elective:
Internet of Things Laboratory 5G Technology
Department Level Elective: 5G Technology Laboratory
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningLaboratory Computer Vision Laboratory
Robotics Satellite Communication
Robotics Laboratory Satellite Communication Laboratory
Power Electronics Internet Engineering & Network Security
Power Electronics Laboratory Internet Engineering & Network Security Laboratory
Data Compression & Encryption Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Data Compression & Encryption Laboratory Machine Learning for Signal Processing Laboratory
Speech Processing Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Speech Processing Laboratory Advanced Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Embedded Systems Microwave Amplifier & Oscillator Design
Embedded Systems Laboratory Microwave Amplifier & Oscillator Design Laboratory
Advanced VLSI Institute Professional Elective
Advanced VLSI Laboratory Project Stage – II
Institute Professional Elective
Industrial Automation Laboratory
Project Stage – I