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The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2021-2022)

  1. Legal Document Clustering, Information Retrieval and Analysis 
  2. Emotion Analysis in a Livestreaming Environment
  3. Tabular Data Recognition and Extraction from printed and handwritten Images
  4. A framework for social media opinion mining for low resource Marathi text
  5. An application that would help the blind to learn and code in various languages, using speech-to-text and NLP 
  6. YouTube ChromeExtension
  7. Blockchain-based Federated Learning platform for Differentially Private Healthcare Data 
  8. Move More - A Virtual Physiotherapy Solution
  9. An NLP-Based Assistive tool for Autistic and Mentally
  10. Retarded Children: An Initial Attempt
  11. Detection of learning disability traits in children
  12. Portfolio Analysis and Response using NLP Smart Bot
  13. Ethnicity based Text to Speech generator
  14. MyEyes (An App for blind)
  15. Visual - Audio based Deepfake Detection
  16. Analysis of Audio Data using Quantum Machine Learning
  17. Intelligent Traffic Management System 
  18. Quadratic Funding of Public Commodities
  19. Adaptive LPR based framework for detection of over speeding vehicles 
  20. Analysis of microexpressions
  21. Infant Expression Recognition
  22. Sarcasm Detection in texts using AI 
  23. Find missing person using AI 
  24. Explainable AI for Time Series Model Interpretability 
  25. Music Recommendation based on Image Analysis
  26. Incisive Analysis of Emotional Quotient of a Person using Audio Visual Data
  27. Navigation of 3D Medical data during surgery using Hand Gestures
  28. Abnormality Detection and Localization in Chest X-Rays
  29. Plant Disease Prediction System
  30. Information retrieval, classification and synopsisof newspaper articles.
  31. Vision Acolyte 
  32. Classification of Diseases and Causal Insights based on Patient Symptoms
  33. Simplifying Policy Documents using machine reading comprehension and open domain
  34. Insurance eligibility and cost prediction, probability of contracting disease based on the Blood Report Analysis 
  35. Design and Implementation of Real Time Risk Detection during COVID19 Pandemic
  36. Depression Detection and Control System 
  37. Non invasive blood Hemoglobin Detection
  38. Algorithmic trading bot based on ML and twitter sentiment analysis  for equity/ bonds/ derivatives/ mutual funds/ cryptocurrency.
  39. Framework to allow Machine Learning Models to use Federated Learning

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2020-2021)

  1. Knowledge extraction from transcript of video.
  2. Successive Image and Text Generation from a Sentence
  3. Personal Research Assistant (PRA) Product
  4. Detection of Early Onset of Cognitive Impairment Diseasesthrough Handwriting Analysis
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Financial statement Information Extraction
  7. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
  8. Smart Prosthetics
  9. Simulating Virtual Ecosystem
  10. All-In-One Pentesting tool
  11. Facial sketch generation for suspect identification
  13. ResQ–Smart Safety Band
  14. Analysis of Aquatic Quality And Marine Life Sustainability
  15. Fashion Image Classification, Segmentation, Search and Synthetic Image Augmentation 
  16. Natural Language to Sql
  17. OcuBot - Image based Dialog  for Visually Impaired
  19. Detection of gravitational wavesfrom Binary Black Hole merger and Binary Neutron Star mergerand parameter estimation using deep learning.
  20. Multimedia Forgery Detection using Deep Learning
  21. Park It! Smart Car  parking System
  22. Knowledge Tracing in Students’ E-learning Process
  23. BOL.IO: Synthesis and Recognition of Indian Sign Language from and to text/speech
  24. Audiophile
  25. Epidemic Outbreak Detection portal for Travellers 
  26. Xeyes: A hands-free computer navigation system 
  27. Video-Shorts
  28. Landmark Recognition
  29. Handwriting Cloning and Personality analysis
  30. CAFE -Programming Language
  31. Deep learning approach to detect Real world Anomalies in Surveillance videos.
  32. E Voting Using Blockchain Technology
  33. Hidden Recipes Inside your Fridge
  34. Computer Vision Based Fire Detection with Video Alert System
  35. Origami - Speech audio to Face Image
  36. Touchless interfaces using deep learning and depth-sensing cameras
  38. GARDUINO (Smart-Gardening using IoT)
  39. EEG-based Biometric Authentication System Using Deep Learning
  40. Model for Classification and prediction of Cardiovascular disease using Machine Learning
  41. HealthDesk

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2019-2020)

  1. Neural Story Generation
  2. Shop and Go: An Innovative approach towards shopping using Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  3. Alpha Hand Cricket
  4. EyeRis- A virtual eye to aid the visually impaired
  5. DOPAMINE: Music Generation Software
  6. Document Summarization using Graph based Methodology
  7. Air Quality Assessment usimg CCTV camera feed from Traffic signals
  8. Automating the generation of ICD codes from medical records
  9. Image Based Handwritten Equation Evaluation
  10. Sub-playlist creation based on mood using Facial Recognition
  11. Essay Grading System
  12. Indian Sign Language interpretation and sentence formation
  13. Image Captioninhg and Refinement for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  14. Safety of two wheeler riders using helmet detection
  15. Validity and Integrity check in supply chain management using Blockchain
  16. Intelligent Computing Approach to Optimise Restaurant Search in a Discrete Feature Space
  17. Image Modification using text with GANs
  18. Sketch to Image Translation using cycle GAN
  19. Audio Tagging for Emotion Detection
  20. Financial Portfolio Management
  21. Depression Detection from smart phone usage using Machine Learning
  22. Home Security System
  23. Seedling: A gamified approach to plant education for children
  24. Meeting Transcription and Summarisation using diarisation
  25. Video Analysis with Captioning and Summarisation
  26. American Sign Language Interpretation and Text Formulation
  27. Homomorphic solution for securing applications
  28. Texture Synthesis and Style Transfer for Aesthetic Design Creation
  29. Medical Image Synthesis using GANs
  30. Vehicle Damage Detection
  31. English Language Accent Classification and Coversion using Machine Learning
  32. Digitalised Land records using BlockChain
  33. Automatic Colorization of Grayscale videos usin Deep Learning
  34. Seizure Predictions Using Intracanial Recordings
  35. Predictive Model to determine Life Expectancy post Surgery
  36. Billboard Rate Evaluator
  37. Blood analysis using Image Processing and Machine Learning
  38. Waste Segregation using Image Processing
  39. Fewshot Meta Learning for Mobility Applications

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2018-2019)

  1. Side Channel Attacks
  2. Network Traffic Identification using Deep Learning
  3. Autonomous Tagging of Text Data using Machine Learning
  4. Heart Disease Predictor
  5. Design and Implementation of Intrusion Detection System in the Network using Machine Learning Approach.
  6. Design and Implemetation of Library Shelf Management System using Machine Learning and Internet of Things
  7. Secure authentication mechanism in Automated Toll system
  8. Secure Key Management Scheme in IoT Based Application
  9. Data Integrity Assessment in E-Health Care System using Hashing Mechanism
  10. Detecting and Adapting to Concept Drift for Improving Classification in Imbalanced Datastreams
  11. SSL Based Classification for Imbalanced Data Streams
  12. Smart Expense Management System
  13. Adaptive Mapper for Hybrid Data Layer
  14. Music Synthesis
  15. Roubust Intrusion Detection System under Adversarial Drift
  16. Student Intellect Assessment using Deep Learning
  17. Simultaneous 2D and 3D pose estimation and action recognition
  18. Automated Question Generation and Answer Verification for Visual Data
  19. Trajectory Enrichment for Incremental Location Prediction
  20. User Mobility Behavior Analysis Using Movement Data
  21. India's Crime Prediction Model
  22. 3D Layout Generation of a Room from 2D Images
  23. Determination of Image Specificity
  24. DRISE: Diabetic Retinopathy Identification and Severity Evaluation
  25. Optimization of Taxi Revenue 
  26. AI Judge : An Intelligent Justice System
  27. InspiroBot
  28. Generating Photo Realistic Image from Given Text Description
  29. Computation of Mathematical Equation using Gestures
  30. Hunt for Exoplanets
  31. Manipulation of N Dimensional Arrays
  32. Abnormalities Detection in Human Body by Processing Medical Image
  33. Speech/Text to American Sign Language 
  35. Secure Peer to Peer File Sharing
  36. Algorithm Trading of Cryptocurrency Based on Sentiment Analysis
  37. Decentralized Trading Exchange for Bitshares and Bitshare assets
  38. Identifying Involvement of People in Legal Matters using Artificial Intelligence.
  39. Semantic Question Pairing using Deep Learning.
  40. Mastering Atari Games using Reinforcement Learning
  41. Answering Questions in Natural Language about Images using Deep Learning
  42. Loan Outcome Prediction Based on Macro-Economic Parameters
  43. Medical Image Classification using Machine Learning Techniques

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2017-2018)

  1. Identifying Potential Cyber bullying Tweets Using a Hybrid Approach in Sentiment Analysis 
  2. Trend Analysis for Bio-Diversity Detection in Mountain areas.  
  3. Weather and flood prediction using DM
  4. Self Driving Car in a Simulated Environment
  5.  Automated Surveillance System for Hotels                                                                    
  6. Data Integration for Finding Inferences in Financial Applications
  7. Design and Implementation of Neuromuscular Stimulation to Bypass Nerves System
  8. Self Driving Remote controlled car using Raspberry-Pi       
  9. Smart Meter Data Compression and Pattern Extraction            
  10. Oculus- Vision for blind
  11. Lightweight Authentication and Encryption mechanism for Low Power and Lossy Networks
  12. Learning to classify imbalance data streams with concept drift 
  13. Learning to classify imbalanced data streams for binary classification  
  14. Multiclass classification for imbalanced data streams 
  15. FOREX.
  16. Risk Calculation Model for heart rate monitoring and prediction
  17. Risk calculation for categorizing the genuinity of a medical professional
  18. SmartTrainer: A  virtual guide for exercises.      
  19. Prediction of Personality based on handwriting    
  20. Automated essay generation
  21. Context based question answering using deep learning 
  22. Automatic Detection of Fake News 
  23. Human Understanding Analyzer        
  24. Lifestyle Based Disease Prediction
  25. Real Time Traffic Signal Scheduling Using Traffic Density
  26. Prediction of Insurance Policies
  27. Real Time Disaster Detection Using Social Media  
  28. Review Generation of video clips for childern
  29. 3D visualization and colorization of MRI
  30. Attention monitoring system  
  31. Dermatological disease detection
  32. Game Automation by Reinforcement Learning  
  33. Safe Driving System
  34. Playing Atari Game using Deep reinforment learning.
  35. Multiclass emotion analysis
  36. Calamity evacuation using social n/w
  37. Movie Genre Classification using posters         
  38. End to end sentence level lip reading
  39. Calorie Estimation From Fast Food Images       
  40. Resource Allocation System for a Multi-VM Based Cloud
  41. Hybrid Conversation Model Using Reinforcement Learning      
  42. Secure  QR code based Authentication   
  43. Automated Answering  Evaluation for Subjective Examination. 
  44. Generating Photo realistic images from text using deep learning
  45. Use of augmented reality in educational applications  
  46. Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Structural MRI Data using Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network(CNN)     
  47. Malware signature generation using taint graphs
  48. Audio recording and data mining to detect anthropogenic disasters and to increse response time
  49. Personalized travel sequence recommendation on multi source big social media

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2016-2017)

  1. Detecting product review spammer, removal of fake reviews and summarization of legitimate reviews.
  2. Prediction of online sales and purchase from retailer and customer point of view.
  3. Virtual try on based on person's 2D image.
  4. Abstractive summarization using natural language generation.
  5. Landmark recognition using ML.
  6. Anaphoric  resolution for Marathi/Hindi language.
  7. Point cloud generation using triangulation.
  8. Predicting air pollution in cities.
  9. Adaptive e-learning
  10. Data Mining techniques to determine consumer credit risk.
  11. To predict cut-off of marks for admission in engineering colleges.
  12. Playing Atari Game (Break out) with Deep reinforment learning.
  13. Implement a system to solve rubik's cube.
  14. To implement graduate application evaluation system.
  15. A.E.G.I.S. (An efficiant generic intelligent system)
  16. Agro Analytics.
  17. A mobile without a processing unit.
  18. Smart Assistant
  19. A driver behaviour recognition method on a driver model framework.
  20. Smart Navigation.
  21. Tracking and monitoring entities.
  22. AIR - Artificial Intelligence Robonaate.
  23. Document classification using NLP.
  24. BabyTalk: Understanding and generating simple image description.
  25. Extraction of music notes and generation of music using IP.
  26. Traffic density Detetion.
  27. Mobile reader for visually impaired people.
  28. Water quality measurement system.
  29. Classification of accents of non native and native english speakers.
  30. Portable midi controller using ENG based individual finger motion classification
  31. Implementing block chain architecture in IOT
  32. Implementation of AI chatbot which will provide solution to queries related to banks.
  33. Social Network Analysis of twitter data to cluster customer base and sentiment expression via emoticons.
  34. Automated caption generator for images.
  35. Waste seperator BOT.
  36. 3D facial reconstruction of diseased person
  37. Code Runner : Recognizing and executing hand written code.
  38. Automatic spam and phishing detection in email
  39. Smart Parking System
  40. Personalized learning material for students with special needs using machine Learning
  41. Analyzing user behaviour using keystroke dynamics.
  42. Personality identification using social media.
  43. Question paper generation using Blooms Taxanomy
  44. Quadcopter UAV for fertilizers and pesticides spraying.
  45. Smart Grid
  46. Deep learning in natural language dialogues model.
  47. Drishti - A real time IOT belt with depth perception and object recognition in IOT
  48. Predict next questions in interview
  49. Parallel active dictionary attack on WPA 2- PSK wifi network
  50. Green Geographical Load Balancing

The list of projects undertaken by B.E. students (2015-2016)

  1. Bluetooth based file encryption system using modified key exchange algorithm.
  2. Location aware dissemination of data in mobile environment
  3. Query processing in mobile environment
  4. Intelligent routing for Wireless Sensor Network
  5. Internet of Things in medical healthcare
  6. Implementing the internet of things in wireless sensor network
  7. Prediction and Visualization of user's tendency towards purchases using click stream data
  8. Adaptive sorting technique using Machine Learning
  9. Sentiment Analysis performed on tweets to detect emotions behind ambiguous phrases
  10. Advanced Irrigation of Agricultural Land
  11. Implementation of image capturing technique using eye blink detection system
  12. Bus alert system for visually impaired
  13. Face recognition based on frontal view
  14. Handwriting BOT
  15. Suggesting fragrances based on mood and gender recognition
  16. Detection and Correction of errors in C Programs
  17. Discovering elite users and routing questions in Q/A community
  18. Generation of pathology reference intervals for Indian population
  19. Predicting Football Match Winner
  20. Voice driven dynamic generation of web pages
  21. Sandboxing in Linux
  22. Automatic detection of plagiarism using NLP and text mining
  23. Narrative Intelligence
  24. Using natural language processing to create SQL queries
  25. Automatic text summarization of documents
  26. Strengthening of user authentication for mobile devices using  keystroke dynamics
  27. Wikipedia Vandalism detection system
  28. Trigger system for sales prediction using data mining techniques
  29. Spam Detection System for Videos
  30. Deep Analysis of ontologies with protégé
  31. Analysis of student's performance using business intelligence
  32. Crime detection using data mining
  33. Profiling and Jury selection using opinion mining
  34. Language translation for tourists
  35. Automated travelling itinerary system
  36. Event localization from social network feed using HDFS
  37. Smart response system using speech emotion recognition
  38. Ease of readability for dyslexic people
  39. Urban Planning using HADOOP
  40. Interpretation of Indian sign language through video streaming
  41. 3D visualization of products for online shopping
  42. Pool ball trajectory detector
  43. Detection of landing area for unmanned aerial vehicles
  44. Face Aging Simulation
  45. Automated Essay Grader
  46. Human voice impersonation
  47. Weather optimized routing algorithm for aircrafts
  48. Predicting Hit songs with MIDI Musical Features
  49. Voice Controlled Wheel Chair

The list of projects undertaken by B.E. students (2014-2015)

  1. Detection and Prevention of key generation attack on AES algorithm 
  2. A design and implementation of a new optimized protocol for MANET 
  3. Automatic error analysis and grammar correction in machine translation. 
  4. M.O.M. - Mother on a Mission, Game development in flash 
  5. Safe Walk- Safe navigation in urban areas. 
  6. Securing computer / laptop device using Blutooth Technology and One-Time Password. 
  7. Optimizing Ad-hoc on demand distance vector routing 
  8. Duplicate File Finder using Contextual matching 
  9. Voice commands and Gesture commandsin Linux Distribution 
  10. Applications of influence propagation in viral marketing. 
  11. Machine Learning algorithm for Intelligent Email Sorting. 
  12. Air Writing - alphanumeric character recognition. 
  13. Auto colorization of gray scale images using machine learning. 
  14. Keyword extraction using neural networks 
  15. Optimizing Duckworth Lewis method using Machine Learning 
  16. Blind Man Stick using micro controller 
  17. RFID based students attendance management system. 
  18. Smart power saving system using Home Automation. 
  19. Finger writing in the air using a kinect 
  20. Virtual Ocular Reality. 
  21. Telepresence remote for physically handicapped. 
  22. Brain Computer Interface. 
  23. A Hybrid Approach for predicting users future request using FP tree 
  24. MediHelp - An Ontology based question answering system for medicines 
  25. Enhancing brand visibility by identifying influencers. 
  26. A generic approach for team selection in multi player games using genetic algorithm 
  27. Relevance based sorting of Forum Responses 
  28. Disambiguation of user search query 
  29. Author Profiling of anonymous text. 
  30. Reducing Ambulance Response Time using CEP 
  31. An SVM based analysis of Indian Rupees. 
  32. Personalized image search for photo sharing website. 
  33. Dynamic Taxi Ridesharing Service 
  34. Voice automated computer for the visually impaired. 
  35. Fuzzy search engine based on fuzzy ontology and semantic search. 
  36. Sentiment Analysis to Improve Emotional Health of User 
  37. Human Activity Recognition in Videos. 

The list of projects undertaken by B.E. students (2013-2014)

  1. Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing 
  2. Wi-Fi triangulation, positioning and authentication on Spatial data 
  3. Data Visualization and Knowledge Discovery for Analyzing Trends in Social Media 
  4. Content Extraction using Document Object Model and Text Density for Web 
  5. Object Detection in Cloud using Distributed Network 
  6. Implementation of an Adaptive Routing and Congestion Control Algorithm for Route Guidance 
  7. Optimizing utilization of Energy Resources using Adaptive Business Intellignce 
  8. Opimization of SCADA using Adaptive Business Intelligence 
  9. Virus Detection using Neural Networks 
  10. Author's Miner 
  11. Efficient Analystics of Ordered Datasets using MapReduce and Cassandra 
  12. Bomb Diffusing Robot 
  13. Nucleus 
  14. Automated Rationing for Public Distribution System 
  15. Interactive Mirror Development 
  16. Recognize Specific Hand Gesture to display Umpire Decision on LCD 
  17. Xpod - An Emotion Based Music Player 
  18. ChatterBot using AIML 
  19. Detection of Breast Cancer in Mammogram using Image Processing 
  20. Web Portal for Community Benefits 
  21. Enhancing a Video-Enabled Web Browser for the Visually Impaired 
  22. Review Mining using NLP 
  23. Web Mining based University Search Portal 
  24. An Exploration of Recommender System using Collaborative Filtering 
  25. Credit Card Fraud Detection 
  26. Intelligent Algorithms to ease the Healthcare Industry 
  27. Intelligent Stock Market Assistant using Improved UP Growth Algorithm 
  28. Home Automation System 

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2012-2013)

  1. Design and analysis of "SVKT” Encryption algorithm
  2. An ideal approach for detection and prevention of phishing attacks
  3. DDOS-Attack
  4. NFC based advanced attendance supervision system with support for e-notice board
  5. Smart Automated Room
  6. Wireless Sensor Networks
  7. Product Segregation and Dispatch Automation
  8. Optimization of Data Allocation Algorithms for Mobile Value Added Services
  9. Optimization of Mobile Databases to support mobile services globally
  10. Video Compression Technique Over Streaming Technology
  11. Efficient Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Images
  12. Security in Eye OS
  13. ANT colony optimization technique in network routing
  14. A distributed approach for Count Distribution Algorithm
  15. A machine learning approach for detection of phishing attacks
  16. Code Generator for MultiTouch gestures
  17. USB Data Acquisition System using ARM7
  18. EaTable – Restaurant Management using Surface Computing
  19. Optimization of FCFS based resource provisioning algorithm for Cloud Computing
  20. Cloud Management Platform
  21. Virtual Agent for E-commerce websites
  22. SCISSOR: Auto-extraction to boost document scanning
  23. Sentiment Analysis – Measuring Opinions

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2011-2012)

  1. Multi-modal gesture recognition system
  2. Campus News Information System
  3. Prevention of Session Hijacking
  4. Automated Car Parking System
  5. Registration of Digital Mammography Images
  6. Intelligent Network Sniffer using Data Mining Techniques
  7. Honeypot Intrusion Detection System
  8. A Privacy Preserving Location Monitoring System for Mobile Phones
  9. Data Transfer from USB to Micro SD Card
  10. Intelligent Deep Web Crawler
  11. ARMO - Association Rule Mining using Ontology
  12. Personalized Query Processing on Mobile Devices using MVAS
  13. ATVMS
  14. Computer Operation By Hand Gestures
  15. Mobile Portal for Asset Management
  16. Iris Recognition
  17. Subtitle Generation using Speech Recognition
  18. Network based Intrusion Detection System
  19. Android OS Security and threat analysis
  20. 3-D Password Authentication
  21. Preventing Man-in-the Middle Attack by avoiding ARP Poisoning
  22. Wifi Protected Access 2 (WAP2)
  23. Secured Mobilized Banking
  24. Placement Aware Mobile Devices
  25. Driver’s Drowsiness Detection System

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2010-2011)

  1. Adding Interactivity to E-learning Through Gesture Recognition
  2. Business Intelligent Solution for Retail Industry
  3. System Security Using IP camera
  4. Application of Data mining in Mobile Computing
  5. Cascaded Payment System in P2P Network
  6. Intelligent Agent For Mobile Value Added services
  7. Offline Handwritten Signature Verification
  8. Modeling of wireless channel Propagation Models for IEEE 802.16
  9. Estimation of Synchronization Error in OFDM Based Communication System
  10. Semantic BASED Video Retrieval System
  11. A QoS Provisioning Scheme for Voice and Data Traffic Over WLAN
  12. Invite Replay Attack on VoIP System and Its Application
  13. Driving Direction on Mobile with Voice Commands
  14. Robotic Arm Emulation
  15. Semantic Based web Image Retrieval
  16. Cloud Computing featuring Ontology
  17. Optimization of Network Flow Using Distributed System (Hadoop)
  18. Piano/ Electronic keyboard tutor with illuminated keys
  19. Hybrid Storage System
  20. Context Aware Personalized Application For Mobile Device
  21. Web Filtering Software
  22. Personalized OS Scheduling Using Mining Techniques
  23. GRASPâ€Gesture Recognition and Sound Production
  24. UID Application Using Service Oriented Architecture

The List Of Projects Undertaken By B.E. Students (2009-2010)

  1. Development of a Public Cloud
  2. Mobile and Web based Enterprise Resource Planning System
  3. SOA based SMART CITY
  4. An optical character recognition and Text to speech based embedded system to aid reading for the blind
  5. Virtual Keyboard
  6. Intelligent Document Matching System
  7. 3D Scene development and analysis using parallel processing
  8. Desktop File Browser and Multimedia Streaming on a mobile device
  9. Intrusion detection using realâ€time data mining
  10. Application of clustering dataâ€mining algorithms to design recommendation engine for Twitter
  11. Automated Surveillance System
  12. Fault Tolerance in Sensor Networks for Tracking Forest Fire
  13. Bus Schedule Indicator
  14. Dynamic Traffic Control System
  15. Biometric Attendance Tracking System
  16. Development of Network Controller application
  17. Automation of Business Process Management
  18. Sms and bluetooth based home appliance control and security system
  19. Performance analysis and design of grid scheduling algorithms
  20. DOS on VOIP

Funded Projects

Funded Projects

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