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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science

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About Us

"Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity,” rightly said British-born American computer scientist Professor Andrew NG. The fusion of AI and DS has offered unique solutions with the potential to digitally transform businesses. D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering proudly presents four-year B. Tech course on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, one of the emerging areas identified by AICTE, with an ultimate goal to nurture the academic excellence, industry exposure and outstanding career opportunities to our students. This inter-disciplinary course aims at providing insights to core technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining/Modelling and Machine Learning along with Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing. The students will have career opportunities in Healthcare, Business, e-commerce, Social Networking, Computational Linguistics, Biotechnology, Genetics, and any field that involves data. The major focus of this programme is to train students on statistical tools, mathematical models, machine learning, knowledge discovery, and data visualization skills, so that they will be able to apply AI techniques into real world applications and perform intelligent data analysis.

Key Points

4 Years
Year of establishment
B. Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Why Choose Us?

This course is designed to teach the underlying concepts of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science and how they can be used to solve real-world problems. Students are expected to gain a deep knowledge of the math of machine learning, including relevant tools and languages, popular algorithms and their applications and usage of various visualisation tools.

Emerging technologies such as AI/ML, DS are turning out to be an essential part of the curriculum as it helps lay a strong foundation for students to stay relevant in the evolving jobs market. The data science and AI industry which is already facing a shortage in the number of skilled employees have a high lookout for candidates specialising in these skills.

According to the Jobs study by Analytics India Magazine, there has been an overall growth in the number of jobs in analytics and data science ecosystem, with India alone contributing to 6% of open job openings worldwide. It also suggested that the number of analytics and data science job positions available are 97,000, out of which 97% job openings in India are on a full-time basis.

This calls for the demand for highly specialised skilled employees and that too in large numbers. Keeping in line with this shortage, many universities including the IITs rolled out degree programmes and certifications in AI providing diverse options in technology courses.


Second Year

Semester III Semester IV
Engineering Mathematics-III Statistics for Engineers
Data Structures and Algorithms Artificial Intelligence
Database Management System Foundation of Data Science
Operating Systems Computer Networks & Security
Programming Laboratory-I (Python Programming)
Programming Laboratory II (Web Development)
Constitution of India Universal Human Values
Innovative Product Development I (A) Innovative Product Development II (B)

Third Year

Semester V Semester VI
Machine Learning
Computer Vision-I
Advanced Algorithms
Time Series Analysis
Cloud Computing
Natural Language Processing
Data Engineering & Visualization Laboratory
Open Source Technologies Laboratory
Department Elective 1-DevOps Department Elective 1- MLOps
Department Elective 2- Spatial Data Analytics
Department Elective 2- Game Programming
Department Elective 3-Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Department Elective 3- Computational Intelligence
Department Elective 4- Web Programming
Department Elective 4- Text, Web & Social Analytics
Environmental Studies Professional Communication & Ethics
Innovative Product Development III (C) Innovative Product Development IV (D)

Fourth Year

Semester VII Semester VIII
Computer Vision-II Reinforcement Learning
High Performance Computing Secure Software Systems
UI/UX Design
Adv. Business Intelligence
Robotics & AI
Quantum AI
IoT & Edge Computing Block Chain Architecture
Probabilistic Models Web Intelligence
Institute Elective Institute Elective
Project - I Project - II