Our Vision

The National Service Scheme abides by the motto “Not Me, But You”. Taking the legacy ahead with pride, we, at DJNSS, strive for the all-round development of the society and individuals alike.

We look forward to utilizing the skillset that everyone brings to the table for a greater good of the society. We aim to stay rooted to our maxim of 'Bringing Change Together'.

With a strong belief that everyone holds the power within themselves to bring about a significant change, we aim to direct our events towards important social welfare topics, that require due attention and solutions.

The Youth of today has great capabilities to overcome hurdles and make a better India for tomorrow. With the skillset we receive from our academics and experiences, we will constantly try to utilise them to the fullest in our planning and execution of the events. "Vision with action makes a powerful reality", and every action of ours will be fueled by the solid vision we have for DJNSS.

NSS Program Officers

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Prof. Vyankatesh Bagal
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Prof. Rahul Tawre
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Prof. Alisha Banz