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The IETE student chapter of D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering has always strived not only towards imparting scholastic knowledge but also promoting extra-curricular activities. This motto was reinforced by the events organized by IETE in the academic year 2011-2012. Charged with determination to set the bar higher than last year, the core committee embraced new members into its existing team, blending creativity and ethos with remarkable flair.


Book Bank
The first event initiated by IETE student forum of DJSCE was Book Bank. It is an exceptional undertaking by IETE in which reference books, related to the curriculum, are purchased. These reference books were selected and handpicked by the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication Department. Several copies of these books on various subjects were made available to students on affordable and reasonable rates of 20% cost of the book. These books were lent to the students for the whole semester. It has been a very significant venture embarked upon by IETE.

Knowledge Bank
This year saw IETE catering to the benefit of students through the knowledge bank. Reference books, study material, text books were sold to students at minimal rates as a part of the Knowledge bank event. Notes and reference material were passed down from the senior students to their juniors in the Knowledge bank thus effectively utilizing all available resources. These events made it highly convenient for the students to access useful study material.

Virtual Gaming Unveiled.
Next in line was the ‘Virtual Gaming Unveiled’ event conducted on 23th September. The event was a huge success and saw the participation of many students. He explained how he had interfaced a Wii remote to control a virtual PC game and created the Wii version of popular games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

Pocket Electricity Generator Workshop
After that, there was the Pocket Electricity Generator Workshop on 22nd October organized for the students. They were not only taught basics of electromagnetism but were also given materials and components to make their own pocket electricity generator. This gave them hands-on experience in making a working electric circuit. It was a great thrill that the participants of the workshop were able to learn this in their first year of engineering.

DJ Spark 2012
DJ Spark, State level project competition was organised by IETE on 13th April, 2012. More than 110 entries had been received out of which 30 entries were shortlisted by a panel of faculty members for demonstration on the day of the competition. Students from various colleges of Maharashtra participated and the event turned out to be a huge success.