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Student Portal

At DJSCE, Blackboard (Learning Management System) was implemented during the academic year 2012-13 (Even Semester) i.e., from January 2013 onwards. Faculty members have since been using Blackboard till May 2018 for all the teaching/Learning processes. Since May 2018, DJSCE has switched over to SVKM’s newly created student portal. Course contents and other academic materials are regularly uploaded on the portal, which is extensively used by students.


The link to SVKM’s student portal is:


Important aspects of Student Portal


  1. Simple and easy to use: Student Portal is easy-to-use and provides powerful workflows, enabling quick adoption by educators and students to create a better learning experience and also to increase the engagement between them.


  1. Anywhere, anytime learning: It is responsive and mobile-first design, which ensures that educators and learners can connect anytime, anywhere and on any device.


  1. Real-time collaboration: It is the best Learning Management System that provides synchronous learning, so as to foster engagement and real-time collaboration.


Key features of Student Portal


  1. Activity stream: Shows smart view of prioritized events and actions.
  2. Assignments & tests: View, complete and submit assignments & tests online.
  3. Grades & progress: Check grades and academic progress on a real time basis.


Student Portal Committee at DJSCE


The following faculty members look after the overall management of the Student Portal at DJSCE:


  1. Dr. Manali Godse – Student Portal Chair (Vice Principal – Academic)
  2. Prof. Arjun Jaiswal – IT department co-ordinator
  3. Prof. Pradeep Talwelkar – Chemical department co-ordinator
  4. Prof. Bahar Soparkar – ELEX department co-ordinator
  5. Prof. Trupti Markose – Production department co-ordinator
  6. Prof. Shruti Dhodani – Biomedical department co-ordinator
  7. Prof. Rahul Taware – EXTC department co-ordinator
  8. Prof. Pratik Kanani – Computer Engg department co-ordinator
  9. Prof. Dhananjay Shukla – Mechanical Engg department co-ordinator
  10. Prof. Manisha Keshab – F.E. staff co-ordinator