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Indian Society for Technical Education
The Indian Society for Technical Education is a national professional non profit society to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers needed by industries, institutions and other organizations.
The DJSCE-ISTE Chapter founded in the year 2000 with the objective to facilitate our faculties to cope with national standard practices in engineering education. The chapter is established with 25 members. DJSCE-ISTE chapter has grown to 41 members. The chapter has organized quality improvement program such as
Short Term Training Programs-SF:19
Two days seminars: 03
Two days Workshops: 02
One day seminars: 03
National conference: 01
Orientation Program: 02
DJSCE-ISTE Committee
1 Dr. Prasad Joshi (Chairman)   Electronics Engineering
2 Prof. (Mrs.) Neepa Shah    Information Technology
3 Prof. (Mrs.) Rashmi Ravi Kumar   Biomedical Engineering
4 Prof. (Mrs.) Aruna Gawde   Computer Engineering
5 Prof. (Mrs.) Meeta Gandhi   Production Engineering
6 Prof. (Mrs.) Sejal Kadam    Electronics Engineering
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Sameera Rege    Applied Chemistry
8 Prof. Ameya Kadam    EXTC Engineering
9 Prof. Sanjay Dalvi    Chemical Engineering
10 Prof. Shashikant Auti    Mechanical Engineering

STTP-SF on “Signal Processing and Communication Engineering” Dec 10 to 20, 2007 Dept of Elex
Programs conducted under the chapter since its installation i.e. Year 2000 onwards
Programme Dates Department No. Of Participants
STTP-SF on "Environmental Pollution Control and Waste Management" June 17-28,2002 Chemical 27
STTP-SF on "New Horizones in Polymers" June 16-28,2003 Chemical 32
STTP-SF on "Advances in Biomedical Instrumentation" June 16-28,2003 Biomedical 17
STTP-SF on "Chemical Process Engineering" June 28July 10,2004 Chemical 17
STTP-SF on "Optical Communication with recent Developments" Nov. 16-27, 2004 EXTC 30
STTP-SF on "Digital Communication with recent Trends" Dec. 20-31,2004 EXTC 35
One day seminar on "Foundation for Telecommunication Engineering" February 12, 2005 EXTC 77 students
One day seminar on "Embedded Systems" February 19, 2005 EXTC 94 students
Two days workshop on " Art of Conducting Laboratory" Sept 2-3 ,2005 EXTC 36
Two days seminar on" Challenges Ahead in Telecommunications" October 7-8, 2005 EXTC 31
STTP-SF on "Wireless Technologies and Networking" Dec. 5-16, 2005 EXTC 47
National Conference on " Information and Communication Technology"-NCICT-2006 : Recent Trends and Future Developments February 24-26, 2006 EXTC 310
STTP-SF on "Information Technology-Orientation for Engineering Teachers" Dec 19-30, 2005 IT 42
Two days Seminar cum workshop on "J2ME Technologies" Aug 10-11, 2006 IT 29
Two days Seminar on " Trends in Software Qualities" Sept 8-9, 2006 IT 23 + 15 students
STTP-SF on " Advanced Separation Processes" June 26-July 7, 2006 Chemical 37
STTP-SF on "Micro controllers and Embedded Systems Design" Nov. 27-Dec. 7, 2006 Electronics 38
STTP-SF on " Computer Aided Solutions for Engineering Applications" Dec. 11-22,2006 Production 35
STTP-SF on "Signal Processing and Communication Engineering" 10-20 Dec.2007 Electronics Engg. 44
STTP-SF on "Advanced Computing Techniques" 7-18 Jan. 2008 Computer Engg. 37
One day seminar on "NANOTECHNOLOGY" 30th Jan. 2008 Biomedical Engg. 113
Two days workshop on "Mathematics for Engineers" 6th and 7th Feb. 2008 Maths Sections & Electronics Engg. 35
STTP-SF on "effective communication and Life skills" 2-6 June 2008 Electronics Engg. & Commn. Skills Section 33+1 Student
STTP-SF on "Enhancing engineering education with high end equipment" 9-20 June 2008 EXTC Engg. 16
STTP-SF on "integrating security and Software Engineering." 9-20 June 2008 I.T. 36
STTP-SF on "New Horizons in engineering materials (Interdisciplinary)" 23rd June - 4th July 2008 Production Engg. 28
STTP-SF on "Digital Image Processing with Matlab Session." June 23rd - 4thJuly 2008 Biomedical Engg. 22+12 Students
STTP-SF on "Microwave and Antenna." 10th-14th January, 2011 EXTC Engg. 28+4 Students
Orientation program on "Advanced Microwave and Engineering" 17th January 2011 EXTC Engg. 22
Orientation program on "Cloud computing". 19th January 2011 I.T. 09