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DJSCE-IIChE is a technical students' chapter as a part of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers which was established in 1947. As part of its Endeavour to bring together and assimilate various aspects of Chemical Engineering, a number of seminars and workshops are conducted by professionals imparting knowledge to the students of the college. Keeping in mind the interest of the Chemical Engineering  students,  IIChE  works  towards  making  the  profession  an  area  of choice amongst all sections of the society.
The  highly  esteemed  and  prestigious  “N.R.Kamath  Memorial  Quiz  (ChEQ
2011)” was hosted by our college on 22nd  October,2011.The quiz had elimination rounds where 11 teams participated followed by the final round. The winner of the
competition was ICT,Matunga followed by SSJCE,DJSCE,Bhartiya Vidyapeeth.
This  occasion  was  graced  by  the  presence  of  dignitaries  like  Mr.  Mukesh Khagram, director of Evergreen Technologies Pvt Ltd. Mr.Praveen Saxena,past Chairman,IIChE-MRC, Dr.Hari Vasudevan,the principal of DJSCE,Dr. (Mrs.) Alpana Mahapatra and many more. All in all the day was very much energetic,
inspiring, fruitful and a learning experience for one and all.
Students of 3rd year chemical engineering had a two day Industrial Visit on 12th and 13th March  2012. The visit was to 4 plants in RCF (Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers limited), namely: urea and ammonia plants on the first day, nitric acid and sulphuric acid plants on the 2nd day. The students were first shown a presentation on the working of the entire plant. It included explaining the process flow sheets of the respective plants. At each plant the students were explained how the process proceeds, right from the storage of the raw materials to the storage of the final product. They could  visualize the actual size of the equipments, the different  supports  used,  the valves  used  and  many other things  that  they had learned conceptually.
Students  of  2nd  year  chemical  engineering  had  the  wonderful  opportunity  of paying  a visit  to  the  ONGC  Uran  plant  on  25th  February 2012. The  major functions of this plant are stabilization of
crude and its transportation to various refineries and processing natural gas for production of LPG, Naphtha etc. The students were first shown a presentation on the complete working of the plant, right from the
transportation of crude from Bombay High to ONGC Uran and the delivery of the various products to the refineries. They were taken to the various units of the plant such as CSU (Crude Stabilization Unit), GSU (Gas Stabilization Unit), LPG Unit, Co-generation Unit etc. This on site
experience helped the students gain firsthand knowledge of the functioning of various plant equipments like heat exchangers, distillation columns, pressure vessels, reactors etc. The Industrial Visit helped the students in bridging the gap between theoretical learning and
“Wave 2012”,a seminar cum workshop on Water and Energy: Sustainability and Security for Future Needs was organized by DJSCOE in association with  Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers –Mumbai Regional Centre & Indian Desalination Association on 28th,29th September 2012. Speakers for the event included eminent industry professionals and research scientists who were invited to share their knowledge in their respective fields. The event received a great response from delegates, students as well as industry professionals. Paper and poster presentation competitions were also held during the two days. The basic purpose of this seminar was to bring about awareness about the latest technologies in various fields.
IIChE wishes to promote an industrial outlook for member students whereby students have a more pragmatic approach to application of engineering to industry.