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Biomedical Engineering Programme is to provide high quality education for transforming the armatures into professionals, capable of applying knowledge of Basic Sciences and Fundamental Engineering, to take up the challenges in health care sector and instill in them the attitudes, values and vision for continued training and inculcate leadership abilities in their chosen careers

It aims to develop skills enabling Biomedical Engineers to serve the Hospitals, National and International Industries and Government Agencies. It builds a strong foundation and develops technical skills to work professionally in the areas such as Nanotechnology and Microsystems, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Medical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine Robotics in Medicine, Networking and Information systems in hospitals; to develop core competency in the field of Biomedical Engineering to gain technical expertise in biology and medicine for effective contribution in the development and improvement of health care solutions & to train and motivate students for pursuing higher education and research for developing cutting edge technologies.

“Design, Develop and Care - We do it all”

Core areas
  • Emphasis on design and development of Medical Instruments in hospitals.
  • Focuses on various latest imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET and SPECT.
  • Application of Robotics in Medicine.
  • Introduction to Microsystems and Nanotechnology.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering.
  • Biological Modeling and Simulation.
  • Networking and Information systems in Medicine.
  • Covers basics of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Electronic Design and software.
Higher studies
  • M.E , M.Tech and PhD programmes in IITs and Universities.
  • MS and PhD programmes in top rank Universities abroad and in India.
  • MBA programmes in business schools.
  • Placed in companies such as L&T, Wipro GE Medical Systems, Philips, Siemens, Maquet, Transasia, B-Braun, Zeel Medicals, Drager Medical, etc.
  • Serving hospitals such as P. D. Hinduja Hospital and Research Centre, Asian Heart Hospital, Hurkisandas Hospital, etc.
  • Consultant to International Medical Company.
  • Software industries such as J P Morgan, TCS, Accenture, Patni, etc.
  • Scientist in research institutes.
  • Pursing Masters and Doctorate programmes in Universities abroad such as Duke, Yale, Michigan, Purdue, etc. and IITs in India.
Our Alumni : Our Pride
  • Anuj Kapadia : Ph.D guide at Duke University Medical Physics.
    Ph.D (Biomedical Engg.) Duke University.
    Area of Specialization: Neuroscience.
    B.E. (Biomedical Engg) University of Mumbai. DJSCOE.
  • Sunil Patil : Research Scientist at Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
    Ph.D (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) University of Basel.
    Area of Specialization: Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
    M.Sc (Biomedical Signal Processing) University of Dundee.
    B.E. (Biomedical Engg) University of Mumbai. DJSCOE.
  • Parin Dedhia : Founder of Ikube Technologies
    Currently pursuing M.S. Cornell University.
    Area of Interest: Instrumentation.
    B.E. (Biomedical Engineering) University of Mumbai. DJSCOE.
  • Kritika Gupta : Staff scientist at St. Jude Medical
    Area of Specialization: Cardiac Rhythm Management.
    M.S. (Biomedical Engineering) Duke University.
    B.E. (Biomedical Engineering) University of Mumbai. DJSCOE.
    University Gold medalist (2007-2008).
    B. E. (Biomedical Engineering) University of Mumbai


  • Vivek Bhatia :M.S. (Biomedical Engineering) University of Michigan.
  • Area of Specialization: Medical Imaging Systems.
  • Darshan Shah : Research Associate, Duke University
    M.S. (Biomedical Engineering), Duke University.
    Area of Specialization: Cardiovascular Studies.
Excerpts from the desk of Industry Experts:

Mr. Tushar N Pistolwala
CS Modality Manager- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Siemens Ltd
There is a huge growth potential in the sector of health care due to Shortage of medical care in rural areas and ultramodern clinic complexes in the big cities in India. Rising income levels, ageing population, growing health awareness and changing attitude towards preventive healthcare is expected to boost healthcare services demand in future.

According to India’s Planning Commission, more than two-thirds of the country’s population of roughly
1.2 billion people live in rural areas – exactly where there is still a serious shortage of basic medical care. There is immense scope for enhancing healthcare services penetration in India. This presents ample opportunity for development of the healthcare industry which means there will be demand for Biomedical Engineers to cater to this rapidly growing sector.

Mr. Prashant Kamarikar, CEO,
Pacific Aesthetic India Pvt. Ltd
Biomedical Engineers are in demand at research and development organizations, medical equipment manufacturing companies, state of art hospitals, teaching institutions, and well established corporates like GE, Wipro, Siemens, L & T, ECIL, SCL, and BEL. There are also ample opportunities for carrying out advanced research in universities abroad. There are diverse areas and fields, in which they can work. They can work in areas like medical equipments manufacturing, molecular, cellular and tissue engineering as Clinical Engineers, Biomechanics Engineer, Bioinstrumentation Engineer, Business Managers, Professors, Research Scientists, Technical Writers, Systems Physiology Engineers, etc.

With the increase in population, the number of people who require healthcare facilities is on the rise. So, there is immense scope of Biomedical Engineers in the times to come. There is very high demand for professionals in healthcare in countries outside India.

Meeta Ruparel , Director/ Proprietor,
AUM MEDITEC, Mumbai, India.
I started a techno-entrepreneurship consultancy service organization “AUM MEDITEC” in 1999. We have been rendering consultancy services in Healthcare management and bio-medical management systems.
There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers in India. The work profiles vary from monitoring and maintaining the medical equipment in hospitals to working in Bio-medical device industry in a job profile of sales & marketing management, product application specialists, servicing of medical equipment, etc.

India has come a long way; with manufacturing set up expansions now being expanded in India; golden opportunities also await in medical device manufacturing job profiles and in Research & Development areas. Immense job opportunities also exist in diverse spheres like IT in healthcare and computer hardware & software applications to integrate medical devices for easy and comfort in usability.

Allow me to narrate an interesting conversation I had with a renowned surgeon in Mumbai, about 45 days ago; we were discussing medical robot applications and the doctor commented “The time is not far when Bio-Medical Engineers would be doing all the surgery work and we surgeons will just watch and monitor the proceedings” This is the extent of advancement in Medical engineering and the demand graph for bio-medical engineers in India is observing only an upward trend!


To strive for academic excellence to develop responsible, competent professionals, equipped with advanced technical knowledge and high professional ethics to support healthcare industry.



To provide high quality education through innovative teaching learning processes.

To provide a forum for industry institute interaction, with a view to groom budding engineers as employable Biomedical Engineering professionals.

To inculcate research interest to develop sustainable diagnostic and life supporting tools/ systems that cater to the needs of medical profession. 

To empower the students and instil in them a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards the society.


Programme Educational Objectives

To provide sound knowledge of basic sciences, human anatomy, human physiology, electrical and electronic systems, building a strong foundation for career advancement.

To develop a logical approach, analytical thinking and problem solving capabilities in order to make the learner competent to face and address the global challenges in their chosen field.

To impart technical knowledge and competency skills to perform in various areas like sales & marketing, product engineering, research-development, hospital administration, regulatory affairs and also to venture into entrepreneurship.

To develop proficiency in various soft skills and bring awareness about social obligations and professional ethics to pursue professional career in a healthcare industry.

Motivate to pursue research and specialization in a plethora of domains in the field of Biomedical Engineering covering disciplines such as, Medical  Instrumentation, Neuroscience,  Computational Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Medical Signal and Image processing,  Rehabilitation Engineering, VLSI, Nanotechnology and Biosensors, etc.


Programme Specific Outcomes

Learners will be able to:

Conduct servicing and maintenance of various medical equipments used in health care industry.

Analyse, design and develop analytical, diagnostic, therapeutic and life-saving medical devices.

Serve the society as Sales and Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Application Specialist, Biomedical Engineer, etc. in the field of  medical industry.

Contribute in the field of Research & Development in the areas of Medical Imaging, Medical Signals and Image Processing, Biomaterials and Implantable Devices, Rehabilitation Engineering, Healthcare Data management, etc.








Department has well equipped, state of art laboratories for conduct of practicals in various subjects. All the practical sessions are conducted as per recommendations of University of Mumbai. All the laboratories are fully air-conditioned, well ventilated and with sufficient natural light, lab records, lab manuals, journals etc.

Laboratory equipments / components and write ups for the practicals are made available for the conduct of laboratory sessions. Equipments are maintained by the laboratory assistants. Necessary softwares are installed on all the desktops all laboratories. IT related infrastructure such as computers, laptops, printers, scanners, internet and intranet facilities are maintained by in-house engineers working for AMC of these equipments.
Students and faculty have easy access to all the facilities in the department throughout the year.

Laboratories The Department has well equipped laboratories to meet the requirements of curriculum of University of Mumbai:

Laboratories are upgraded from time to time to match the requirements as per revised syllabus.

List of Biomedical Instruments:-

  • Electro Surgical Unit
  • Short Wave Diathermy
  • Surgical Diathermy
  • Ultrasonic Therapy unit
  • Defibrillator
  • ECG Machine
  • ECG Monitor
  • PH Meter
  • Audiometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Foetal monitor
  • Respiration rate meter
  • EEG machine and simulator
  • EMG machine and simulator
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Microscopes
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Transducer kits such as LVDT, Strain gauge, Capacitive, etc.
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller kits
  • Communication Engineering kits
  • Control system kits
  • Demonstration models such as x ray tubes, anatomy models, etc.
  • Physiology practical setup

List of available software:-

  • KEIL
  • TASM
  • TURBO C, C++

Other facilities provided to the students and faculty are:
Departmental Library for quick reference during project and practical sessions.
LAN and Wifi facility.

Online access to various international journals such as, IEEE, Springer Publication, Science Direct, etc. within the institute as well as outside.

Departmental faculty lounge for discussions, presentations, demonstrations, doubt solving sessions etc.

One of the major assets of the department is its well qualified, experienced, dedicated and easily approachable faculty members. The well-planned academic activities and well-equipped laboratories provide best platform for teaching learning process. In addition to the facilities available in the department, students gain practical knowledge from hospitals and industries through various hospital and industrial visits arranged by the department. Department also organizes guest lectures of eminent personalities working in the health care industry.

  • Dr.(Mrs.) Manali J. GodseDr.(Mrs.) Manali
    J. Godse
    Professor & HOD
  • Prof. Vivek P. DeodeshmukhProf. Vivek P.
    Associate Professor
  • Prof.(Mrs.) Rashmi RavikumarProf.(Mrs.) Rashmi
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Mrs.) Mrunal R. RaneProf.(Mrs.) Mrunal
    R. Rane
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Vaibhavi A. SonethaDr.(Mrs.) Vaibhavi
    A. Sonetha
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Mangal S. DandekarProf.(Ms.) Mangal
    S. Dandekar
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Shruti DodaniProf.(Ms.) Shruti
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Purva A. NanivadekarProf.(Ms.) Purva
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr.(Mrs.) Manali J. GodseDr.(Mrs.) Manali
    J. Godse
    Professor & HOD
  • Prof. Vivek P. DeodeshmukhProf. Vivek P.
    Associate Professor
  • Prof.(Mrs.) Rashmi RavikumarProf.(Mrs.) Rashmi
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Mrs.) Mrunal R. RaneProf.(Mrs.) Mrunal
    R. Rane
    Assistant Professor
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Vaibhavi A. SonethaDr.(Mrs.) Vaibhavi
    A. Sonetha
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Mangal S. DandekarProf.(Ms.) Mangal
    S. Dandekar
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Shruti DodaniProf.(Ms.) Shruti
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof.(Ms.) Purva A. NanivadekarProf.(Ms.) Purva
    Assistant Professor

Enthusiastic faculty and students organize various activities in the department which help in the overall development of our students not only in the field of academics but also in management skills and personality development. The department fulfills the urge of knowledge of our students by keeping them well updated with the latest trends in the industry through such activities.

Workshops, seminars, competitions and lectures by expert speakers are arranged in the department throughout the semester.

Seminars and Short duration Workshops:

Workshop on Proteus software was organized by Prof. Tushar Patil on 11/10/2013
Workshop on Arduino arranged by students 8th,9th and 16th of March,2013

A two day Technical workshop BEAT 2K12 arranged by students which included guest lectures and events like CLOTBUSTER, CEREBRATION, INVENTION INVATIA, Workshop on ELCTRONIC STETHESCOPE, BIOMART, POSTER COMPETITION etc. in February 2012.

Lecture and demonstration on Biochemistry and Haematology analysers by Transasia Biomedicals Pvt Ltd on 18/10/2011

Demonstration of different types of Endoscopes by Mr. Sachin Shirke and Ms. Dipti Attarde (Chimko Biomedicals) on 14/10/2011 and 15/10/2011

Workshop on MATLAB by Prof V.P. Deodeshmukh on 14/09/2011 & 28/09/2011

Workshop on PCB Designing by Prof V. A. Sonetha on 14/09/201 & 28/09/2011

Prizes and Awards by Students:

Mr. Parth Repe, Mr.Kevin shah Mr. Gururaj Masali Won the First Prize of Rs.1,00,000/- and Certificate of achievement at event “Meraki 2014” organized by Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi On 17th and 18th Feb 2014

Ms. Tavleen Dhani, Ms. Isha Doshi, Ms. Shreya Mukerjee Won Cash prize Rs. 2000/- for project tilted “Digital Audometer” at event “Competition Exhibition of students of Engineering and Polytechnic college of Maharashtra” organized by “Institute of Engineers (India)” on 24th and 25th February 2014

Sweta Ramdhane, Jay Shah and Naziya Noorani won the cash of Rs.500 and voucher worth Rs.1500/- at the event ‘BioHunt Quiz’ organized by Watumull Institute, Worli on 7th and 8th Feb 2014

Heli Vora, Hemang Trivedi, Hardika Ganatra, Gargi Sabnis won third prize in Technical Presentation event paper titled “Wireless stethoscope” organized by Dr. Bhausaheb Nandurkar College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal 6th and 7th Feb 2014

Ankita harmalkar, Vedashree rawalgaonkar, Shrutika pradhan won second prize in Technical Paper Presentation for paper titled “Comparitive study of TDOG and STIC” at event organized by D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering at event “Trinity” on 28 Feb 2014

Lectures by Experts:

Guest lecture by Mr. Prof. Parag Gad, Research Assist at UCLA, USA on Imrovement of lokomotor function after spinal cord Injury on 27/01/2014

Guest lecture by Mr. Vazirani, Managing Director, TransAsia Biomedicals, Chandivali on Industry Trends and Opportunities in Biomedical Engineering on 07/03/2014

Guest lecture by Mr. Uttia Majumdar on Various standards used in hospital management on 21/08/2013
Guest Lecture by Mr. Nikhil Shrirao, Technical Head, Terarecon India, Pune. on Latest advancement in Biomedical Image visvulization technology on 24/08/2013

Guest lecture by Dr. Jaydev Dave, Assistant professor of Thomas Jefferson University, USA on Areas of higher studies and opportunities for higher studies in USA and other countries on 22/09/2013

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sameer Kulkarni, Service Head (Ultrasound), Phillips India on Medical Ultrasound on 05/10/2013

Guest Lecture by Dr. Sunil Patil, Research Scientist,Siemens Research, Baltimore, USA. On Latest Trends in MRI on 23/01/13

Guest lecture by Mr. Anil Shastri on Significance of Biomedical engineers in Hospitals and Indusrty. Aug 2012
Guest lecture on latest trends in Medical Imaging by Mr. Shailendra Jariwala, Sept. 2012

Guest Lecture on ‘Latest Trends in Biomedical Engg.’ by Mr. Paren shah (Incube Technologies, USA) on 29/09/2011.

Guest lecture on “Installation, Maintenance and Servicing” by Mr. Neelesh Shinde (Jupiter Hospital) on 19/09/2011
Guest Lecture on ISO 9000:9001 by Mr. Sushil Hate, Aug 2011

Hospital/ Industrial Visits:

Visit to Medical Fair at Goregaon Exhibition centre on 14/03/2014
Hospital visit to Nanavati Hospital, CT and MRI Department

(Radiology) & physiotherapy Department on 6/9/2013 Visit to KEM Hospital at Anatomy and Physiology Department on 21/08/2013-24/08/2013

Hospital visit to Nanavati Hospital, Pathology dept, 15/10/2013 & 17/10/2013

Visit to All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for demostration of biomaterials, 15/10/2013 & 17/10/2013

Hospital Visit to KEM Hospital , 17/09/2012- 21/09/2012 to Anatomy Dept

Visit to All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for demostration of biomaterials, Sept 2011
Visit to International Medical Fair, Bombay exhibition center, March 2011

Sr.No. Students Name Project Name Project Guide
1 1)Sri Tapasya
2)Shroff Mahek
IR application in therapy Dr. Manali Godse.
2 1)Maitri Tanna
2)Payal Shah.
3)Akshara Thakore.
4)Sagar Soni .
Miniaturization of ECG Dr. Manali Godse.
3 1)Devanshi Mehta.
2)Rohan Shah.
3)Grishma Vithalani.
Wireless Phonocardiogram Prof. Vivek Deodeshmukh.
4 1)Isha Doshi.
2)Tavleen Dhani.
3)Shreya Mukherjee.
Digital Audiometer Prof. Vivek Deodeshmukh
5 1)Shradha Gujrathi.
2)Vidhi Patel.
3)Ankit Thakkar.
Climbing Wheelchair Prof. Rashmi Ravikumar.
6 1)Mitali Vyas.
2)Ritika Chheda.
3)Sanjana Bedral.
4)Ramani Chavan.
Multichannel EMG Prof. Rashmi Ravikumar.
7 1)Gururaj Masali.
2)Kevin Shah.
3)Parth Repe.
Saline level detector Prof. Mrunal Rane
8 1)Divya Naik.
2)Dolly Jain.
3)Tejashree Khandelwal.
Albumin and Creatinine Biosensor Prof. Mrunal Rane
9 1)Neha Unadkat.
2)Ekta Upadhyay.
3)Dharmesh Barot.
EGG Prof. Vaibhavi Sonetha.
10 1)Kinjal Patel.
2)Saloni Shah.
Tracking of Doctor Prof. Mangal Dandekar.
List of Projects 2012
Sr No Student Name Project Name Project Guide
1 Vishal  Shah
Rupal Panchal
Dweep Jhaveri
Taaha  Jamkhanbawala  
Robotic Drill For ACL Reconstruction Mrs.Vaibhavi Sonetha
2 Priyank Singh
Tapan Zaveri
Parth Shah
Hari Batavia
Fall Detector Dr.Mrs.M.J.Godse
3 Ankit  Thakkar
Aman Shah
Jash  Shah
Anjali Popat
On Call Medical Supporting System Mrs.Vaibhavi Sonetha
4 Vivek Salyankar
Nidhi Shah
Vinita Talgaonkar
Nandini Somaiya
Self Regulating Oxygen Flowmeter Mrs.Rashmi Ravikumar
5 Esha  Gaundalkar
Urmi  Parikh
Bhagyashree Pathak
Hand Gesture Recognition Mr.Vivek Deodeshmukh
6 Pranali Tambe   
Pratiksha Govil
Akansha Shah
Creatinine Biosensor Mrs.Mrunal Rane
7 Aniket Patel
Chirag Patel  
Tanmay Bastikar
 Thermonic Jacket Mrs.Rashmi Ravikumar
8 Bhushan
Arrythmia Simulator Dr.Mrs.M.J.Godse
9 Krina Shah
Jesal shah
Chirag Mukatiwala
Harsh Mehta
 EMG   Mr.Vivek Deodeshmukh
List of Projects 2011
Sr.No. Students Name Project Name Project Guide
1 Anisha Jhaveri
Vidhi Pandya
Neha Parekh
Vidhi Patel
Functional Electrical  Stimulation using Goniometer  Mrs. Mrunal Rane
2 Aditi Ghirnikar
Aditi Gupta
Heta Kapadia
Contrast Therapy Equipment Mrs.Mrunal Rane
3 Jhanvi G
Shweta G
Ankita M
Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Measurement Device Mrs.(Dr.)Manali
4 Fatema
Bhavin Dixit
Jayam Vora
Automatic Oxygen Flowmeter Mr.Vivek Deodeshmukh
5 Ruchi Jagad
Khushali Mehta
Dhara Tanna
An Aid For Blind Mrs.(Dr.)Manali
6 Alifya Kankroliwala
Purva Pangaonkar
Tanvi Parmar
Analysis And Detection Of Prakruti Of A Person Using Ayurveda Mrs.Vaibhavi Sonetha
7 Parin Dedhia
Harsh Doshi
Low Cost Portable Solar Electrocardiograph Mrs.Mrunal Rane
8 Aniket Deshpande
Niraj Lodaya
Farhad Dalal
Brain Computer Interface Mr.Vivek Deodeshmukh
9 Poorna Iyer Muscle Bio - Stimulator Mrs.Rashmi Ravikumar
10 Deep Modi
Paresh Sutariya
Analysis And Detection Of EGC Mrs.Vaibhavi Sonetha
11 Betsy Thomas
Shweta Mani
Pankti Vora
Detection And Analysis Of EEG Mrs.Vaibhavi Sonetha
12 Ajit Jadhav
Ruturaj Kudav
Swapnil Dalvi
Electro Surgical Unit Mrs.(Dr.)Manali
13 Sangeeth Venkateswaran
Swapnil Narvekar
Gaurang Mahale
Non-Contact Sleep Apnea Detector Mrs.Rashmi Ravikumar
14 Sharvary  Magdum
Nikhil Gangan
Jay  Majithia
Phonocardiography (P C G) Mrs.(Dr.)Manali
15 Pranav  Agraval
Kalpit  Dabholkar
Vaibhav  Sawant
Patient   System using Mobile appratus Mr.Vivek Deodeshmukh
Year Name University Rank
May 2003 Mr. Menon Suresh 1st
May 2004 Mr. Bharani Tarak 10th
May 2005 Mr. Poladia Chintan 2nd
May 2006 Mr. Dave Jaydev 5th
May 2007 Mr. Jhaveri Sankhesh 2nd
May 2008 Ms. Gupta Kritika 1st
May 2009 Mr. Bhatia Vivek 1st
May 2010 Mr. Darshan Shah 3rd
May 2011 Mr. Shah Aagam 6th
May 2012 Ms. Shweta Mani 11th
May 2013 Ms. Pratiksha Govil 4th
May 2014 Ms. Gujarathi Shraddha B. 1st
  Ms. Bedral Sanjana H. 2nd
  Mr. Masali Gururaj S. 7th
  Ms. Naik Divya D. 7th
  Ms. Unadkat Neha D. 10th