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ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society which promises to deliver resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the premier Digital Library which aims at serving its members with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

DJSCE-ACM Student Chapter was started in our college in the year 2007-2008. ACM has consistently proven  itself as a successful committee in terms of the versatility and productivity in terms of the events held over the years and established itself as a successful committee for students.

Here is a look at the events over the past three academic years.


Academic year 2011-2012


  • ANDROID APP MAKING WORKSHOP dated 20th & 21st September, 2011.

The workshop was attended by 32 students. The students were taught about making an interactive android application with databases. They also learnt about toast notifications and various possibilities in android app making


The workshop was attended by 45 participants from third and final year computer engineering. The students were introduced to various computer parts and the basic functionalities of each part of the computer and how to assemble/disassemble them incase of requirements

  • DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS dated 4th October, 2011

The students were taught about various algorithms and data structures that were not included in the syllabus and the real time  applications of each.

  • APPLE INNOVATIONS dated 10th October,2011

About 200 people attended the workshop. The students were introduced to various apple products and iOS and the features it supported like iCloud and information about Siri.

  • J2ME WORKSHOP dated 29th September, 2011

The workshop was attended by 20 students.  The students were made known to basics of advanced Java and J2ME.

  • SMART COMPUTING dated 19th , 2011

It updated the students about various shortcuts, pc tricks, steganography and also included the brief introduction about UBUNTU. It witnessed a participation of 60 participants and also included hands-on session.


  • CODING WORKSHOP dated 29th September, 2011

The students were taught the concepts of OOPS, complexity and data structure is emphasizing on their industrial use. The workshop witnessed 120 participants on the 1st day and 70 participants on the 2nd day.


Academic year 2012-2013


  • PHOTOSHOP WORKSHOP dated 19th October,2012

This workshop received a tremendous response with total of 120 students who attended the workshop. The students carried their own laptops so the workshop was hands on and students performed simultaneously. The workshop was free of cost and the students were given a set of images to work on, as per instructions. Exploring a plethora of editing tools, the students had in a few hours learnt the intricate basics of image-editing and learnt to successfully super impose an image of a tattoo on that of human body.

  • INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO TCE  & TCS, PUNE dated 14th February,2013

A total of 69 students got an opportunity to go on a one day Industrial Visit to TCE and TCS in Pune. TCE was the first stop where the students were addressed by their H.R. and technical personnel where they were briefed about the services, Tata Consulting Engineers offer to customers. The visit to TCSA, Sahayadri Park office had an interactive and information question and answer session.

  • BLENDER'S ANIMATION WORKSHOP dated 26th & 27th February,2013

During the Blender Workshop the students learned about the basic blender concepts, animation and how to create a game using Blender. They were also taught tips and tricks to make Blender projects looks realistic.  In total 80 students attended this two day workshop.

  • iOS APP MAKING dated 25th & 26th March,2013

To meet up with rising demand for iOS application development, this iOS App making workshop A total of 17 students attended this 2 day workshop. The workshop began with the basic life cycle if an application and the process involved in adding images to an app. The workshop consisted of making a simple ball game on Xcode IDE and application coded in Objective C. The second day of the workshop included advanced concepts such as display of labels, animation of characters and touch’’ events on the screen. By the end of the workshop the students were able to build their own app, the quality of which was highly commendable.


Academic year 2013-2014


  • WORKSHOP ON “PHP TECHNOLOGY” dated 25th september,2013

The event was aimed mainly for the third year students to help them with their projects. The students carried their personal laptops and performed alongside. The workshop proved t o be really helpful for the students to help them make their final year project by making them learn a new language which was beyond the scope of the syllabus. 150 students attended the workshop.

  • CODING LECTURES in Jan & Feb,2014

The lecture series boasted of new algorithms and coding techniques for competitive programming. During these sessions students were briefed about the online judging process involved in coding. Topics included topics like Adhoc problem solving, algorithms based on tree and graphs. The competition ended with a coding contest. The lecture series was attended by 40 students.

  • BLENDER'S WORKSHOP dated 1st,2nd,3rd February,2014

During the workshop the students learnt about Animation, 3D Modeling and Game Engine. By the end of the workshop the students not only created some beautiful 3D objects but also created their own simulation games like bowling and 3D mazes. The workshop was attended by 80 students and received an overwhelming response from the students.


The students, in these session on machine learning learnt aspects like Resume Ranking, Sports analytics and sentiment Analysis using Twitte API, Google technologies, Facebook technologies and the future of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence. The workshop was attended by 35 students.


The students came to terms with tools like Windows Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio. The students thus gained as insight of cloud computing and also about what various utilities, azure offers which could help students in future projects. Total 100 students attended the workshop.

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT LECTURE SERIES dated 16th October,2013

The Web Development lecture series was co attended by 60 students, where the students learned about basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, which the students appreciated greatly.

  • HADOOP SEMINAR dated 2nd April

A much appreciated Seminar on HADOOP was conducted by Ms. Shweta and Ms. Komal from TCS for the third year students. The students came to terms with the currents developments and requirements in the industry through this seminar. Total of 60 students attended the workshop.


Saurabh Vaidya    Dr. Narendra Shekokar
(Chairperson)        (ACM Convenor)
  Prof. Aruna Gawde
  (Staff Co-ordinator, ACM)
  Prof. Dharmesh Mistry
  (Staff Co-ordinator, ACM)